I’m a vegetarian that likes a little pastry every now and then. So I try to get moving most days of the week to stay trim and be healthy. I just joined Journey Studio and Spa which is WONDERFUL. They are offering a special for $199 per year/no joining fee. My routine is to stick with the Spin Class and Pilates (Mat and Reformer). They offer some other fun classes like Bosu, Rebounding, and my heavens, cardio pole dance, that I haven’t checked out yet. I highly doubt I’ll try the latter any time soon, for which you should all be thankful! The staff is very mellow with a kind of laid-back California vibe that’s appealing. People of all shapes and sizes are warmly welcomed. After four months, they said that my health insurance rebate will kick in meaning the total cost is only $50 per year. Sweet! Amazing value. The class schedule changes monthly so it’s never stale. If you are visiting on vacation, you can pay by the class or buy a block of classes. Journey also has a spa on-site which is serene and zen-like. I enjoy hanging out in the main waiting area if I’m early to class. It’s a soft green with stencils and tromp l’oiel stonework that gives a sort of Mediterranean feel. There are a variety of magazines to peruse and freshly brewed tea. Journey offers monthly specials for spa treatments and fun offers like mini-facials, massages etc. I might splurge someday. I think they also do bridal shower packages. I think that would be so much fun. Too bad I’m already married! If you want to check it out for yourself, the site is www.journeystudioandspa.com. Other ways I like to keep active are water based. I live just under a mile away from a freshwater lake and a summer workout could be walking to the lake, going for a swim, drip drying and walking home. One of the things I want to try is Masters swim this summer which is two early mornings of coaching/swimming laps offered at several Cape locations. I also find it incredibly relaxing/mind clearing to go for long beach walks. I’ll write about these in the roam section. I really look forward to trying Beach yoga this summer. There is also opened a new yoga center around the corner that has an initial 200 hour teacher training. If I’m brave, I might sign up. It’s never too late to learn something new. Stay tuned.


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